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Things We Like

Things We Like

Mofo Deluxe

Ghanan cocoa butter, Belgium chocolate flakes, fair trade raw cane sugar. Vegan friendly, filler free. Taste no evil.

Mofo Deluxe is a unique social enterprise, with half of the company’s profits going to benefit young people in outback Australia and rural West Africa.

Things We Like


100% cocoa liquor, unrefined coconut blossum sugar, Variety, Trintario – Area Sur del lago Venezuela.

Small batch specialty hot chocolate.

Things We Like

Prana Chai

Honey, black Ceylon tea, spices, ginger, salt and love.

Hand made and blended in Melbourne from all natural ingredients and 100% Australian, quality honey.

Things We Like


Organic and fair trade certified, from the Darjeeling, assam regions and Thiaoshola Estate of India.

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Assam, Green, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass and ginger.